Conservatorships and Guardianships

What if an elderly parent has lost the capacity to take care of himself or to manage his or her property and finances? Or a sibling dies in an auto accident, leaving minor children? Or a person with severe disabilities needs help with basic living needs or making informed medical decisions?

These are just a few of the many important (and worrisome) situations requiring legal resolution in the conservatorship and guardianship areas, handled professionally – and sensitively – by Armen.

Conservatorships are generally created for the care of mentally or physically impaired adults who are unable to care for themselves or manage their own finances. After evaluating properly presented evidence, a court will appoint a responsible person (the conservator) to care for the adult (the conservatee). Guardianships are legal arrangements established for the care of a minor (the ward).

“I assist families and individuals in both areas, providing accessible and reassuring counsel during what can be a trying and stressful time. I am also proud to have been part of the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Court Appointed Counsel program (formerly PVP), chosen to represent proposed conservatees at the Court’s direction.”

Armen is available as well to assist and represent professional fiduciaries who are acting in the role of conservator.

Services include

  • Advising families about options for loved ones who have lost capacity to take care of themselves or manage their finances on their own
  • Assisting individuals with mental or physical impairments who need help and have no documents empowering another to act on their behalf
  • Representing families or individuals pursuing guardianship of minor children
  • Representing professional fiduciaries acting as conservators
  • Representing proposed conservatees (Note that this is a court appointment, so a client cannot hire me privately for this purpose.)
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